Most colour that we create, especially the ever popular ‘colours of Instagram’, require specific elements of upkeep to maintain. We are committed to giving you the best advice possible, so that you can make the best and most informed choice for YOU. So don’t be in the dark- have a quick read through our guide sheet for the facts!


Information regarding your hair condition and previous colour work MUST be discussed honestly with your colourist so we can make the right decisions going forward on your colour journey with us. This includes past colours, use of box dyes/henna, chemical hair treatments, if you swim, etc. We will always endeavour to create the look you have in mind, it may just be a case of using a different product as some are not compatible with each other- but we need the correct information.


Both permanent and semi-permanent colours can fade, and the degree of maintenance required varies for each individual. All colours come with guidelines, but there is often no way for us to know for certain how long they will last for each client.


Bleach is a corrosive product, designed to break down the internal structure of the hair in order to lighten it. It is a very common product used in the salon as many colours cannot be created without it, and we adhere to strict rules to use it safely. We use a ‘bond builder’ called OLAPLEX as standard when bleaching to protect the hair from damage as much as possible, and are highly trained to use bleach in a safe environment with due care and attention. We have your hairs’ best interests at heart, so if you are advised of particular limitations or specific after care, please take heed.


We are required by law to skin test all new clients to the salon, and existing clients who are changing their colour brand or have not visited us in over 12 months (48 hours before your colour appointment.) We understand that this can be inconvenient, but allergies are becoming increasingly common and can develop at any time- it is only to keep you safe. There is no skin testing procedure for bleaching; mild irritation, redness and itching is common.


Some permanent, semi-permanent, and direct dyes can stain the hair and may not come out completely, causing a light residue to be deposited on collars, pillows, towels… pretty much anything! So please take care. As much as we try to avoid it, hairline staining is very common. We provide personal protective equipment in the salon for you during your colour visit (gowns, capes, towels, barrier creams etc). Please take care to protect yourself and your belongings as we are not responsible for any damage to your property.


Too much washing of your hair in between colour appointments can cause your colour to fade quickly. Your hair will be protected against ongoing deterioration and excessive colour fade by using premium after care products. Non- professional products are likely to cause much more significant fade and poor hair condition.our colour visit (gowns, capes, towels, barrier creams etc). Please take care to protect yourself and your belongings as we are not responsible for any damage to your property.


Swap your conditioner for a mask. Colour treated hair will usually require a whole new level of moisture, so get yourself a mask and drench your hair with love.


Reduce heat

Limit the amount of times per week that your hair is exposed to heat, and use Thermal Image Heat Protector.


Roots every 6 weeks

This is genuinely not about us getting you back in the salon for no reason! A 6-week regrowth is perfect for us to apply colour safely without causing bands or damage to the hair. Bigger roots require more product, and often a longer application time, so an extra charge may apply.


Regular OLAPLEX treatments

If you have lightened hair, or are preparing to go lighter, Olaplex will enable your hair to cope with the journey and its new state. 


Take your stylists’ advice!

Whether that’s for colour work to be considered, treatments, or home care products to be used- please try to follow the advice you are given. We like to be able to give you exactly what you ask for when you visit us, but we are not with you the rest of the time to look after your hair the way it should be. If the condition of your hair is not at its optimum, there maybe limits to what we can offer you and risk disappointing you. 



We hope you found this helpful, and we can’t wait to start/continue your colour journey with you!